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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

Regarding to your industries you will need the complete Enterprise Resource Planning to be the backbone of your business for automating and supporting business process. The Perfect ERP Solutions are fully integrated with all your systems across the enterprise. Bringing the value from every functional and Finance to Customer Service Management and if you are in manufacturing industries then you will be get the perfect data from marketing team, engineering team, design team, production team, supply chain team as well.

Most importantly your ERP System should fit as per your environment and we will develop ERP System as per your requirement which will be design only for you. The PCSOFTNET  ́s ERP Solution is designed with deep functionality and highly customizable to your environment with unique business process.

The ERP System integrate the modules like Marketing, Payroll, Finance, Accounts, Production, Inventory, CRM, Supply Chain, Complains, Services and provide the real-time information at your compactible device with secure login.

Why we are?



Truely Integrated

The integrated modules like Finance, Account, Production, Marketing, Distribution provides real time data information to one another.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Inventory Accuracy (+97%)

Wast Control (+57%)

Operational Cost (-19%)

Administrative Cost (-22%)

On-time Delivery (+94%)

Management Accounting

Our ERP delivers perfect cost of goods manufactured based on inventory valuation method selected and based on finance accounting.


Important training to the core team members of operation the system and giving the perfect data capuring training for generating P & L Balance sheet.

Penny to Penny Reconcilation

100% reconciliation is done between account and inventory and production giving you penny to penny reconciliation.

Fastest Implimentation

We take ownership of genarating your P & L and Balance Sheet before we handover the system to the customer.

Capture Live Data

Our team will guide all users to enter the transactions happening everyday. Supervising the data entry. Co-ordinate with PCSOFTNET office for any queries and update.