Inteligent Payroll Assistance


What is Payroll Management System?

Payroll assistance provides flexible and effective and user-friendly workforce management solution to collect and control the payroll data. Where we can focusing on job costing and reporting for direct labor employees, we are also focusing on collecting the critical Payroll information for all employees.

We are focusing on various industries complex payroll formulas and rules and regulation so we can give perfect addressing data for your enterprise such as shift differences, tax, vat and vacations and many more things which are generate very complexity without Pcsoftnet Payroll. We are calculating the data in seconds, minutes and hours to getting the perfect costing for your environment even the data must be collected from multiple locations.

A Flexible Solution

Pcsoftnet Payroll assistance is an open solution that can work with most scanners and controllers. Our Payroll assistance supports SQL Server relational database.

Reduce Payroll Processing time across multiple locations.

Manage Complex Payroll formulas and rules with ease.

Achieve High Cost effectiveness.

Increase Your Productivity

Eliminate the double entry, avoid the mistakes and reduce the timing complex. The payroll entry can be done by automatic scanning station and the data will be inserted by our Payroll Assistance and we will provide the accurate data and identify the error which done by workers like missed punch, miscalculations, unauthorized overtime and many more before generating the wages.

Timex Modules

  •  Payroll Processing under User define salary Structure
  • Loan, Advance, Bonus Processing through system
  • Leave Management with user define leave category
  • Full and Final statement of left and current working Employee
  • Performance and Training report through system
  • Automatic Warning generation according to the administrator define
  • Daily | Weekly | Monthly Labor
  •  Daily | Weekly | Monthly Absent Report
  • Early / Late by Employee and by Department
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Missed Punch
  • User Define Vacation Management
  • Generate Hourly Costing of Employee
  • Generate Electricity Costing for Enterprise from working hours

Timex Payroll is the best Payroll System ever..!!

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