What is Refurbishment?

PCSOFTNET specialise in the cosmetic refurbishment of wide range of materials including plastic and metal which transforms a product deemed to be beyond economical repair (BER) to “as good as new” standard.

PCSOFTNET has a solid reputation within the industry. Underpinning this is an experienced team who have been refurbishing products for over 5 years with proven capabilities in the cosmetic refurbishment of digital set top boxes, phone parts and telecommunication equipment.

Through cosmetic refurbishment, we present a more cost effective route than the procurement of OEM and also support our Customer in prolonging the life cycle of a product range.

In addition to cutting costs, there is also a direct benefit to the Environment as products are recovered to support the repair process instead of ending up as landfill.

We pride ourselves on recovering products that other vendors may deem to be BER and recovering a high yield of stock whilst ensuring that the optimal finish is achieved. To further increase yield we are able to repair plastic components such a clips.

At each stage of this process we have a robust Quality Control procedures in place to ensure that the optimal finish is consistently achieved with minimal customer returns.

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